Tours are available any day of the week unless there is a wedding taking place on a given day. During the months of day-light savings time, appointments to show the venue can go even longer!  Please contact us to arrange a day and time.  We are more than happy to have brides/grooms and their families come out to see Winding Brooks! 

You have 14 hours for your day. This includes eight hours prior to your ceremony time for set-up, decorating, rehearsing, and six hours for the ceremony, reception, and break-down, removing belongings.  Also, if you would like to take your engagement and/or bridal pictures prior to your event in the gardens, we allow up to 2 hours for each of those two photo shoots.

When you decide that you would like to book your event at Winding Brooks, a non-refundable deposit of $1000 is due at the time of booking.  This $1000 will go towards your total rental fee. We will sit down together and discuss your vision for your special day, and sign a Lease Agreement to reserve and hold your date. The balance for your event will be due 4 weeks prior to the event.

If Mother Nature does not cooperate with outdoor garden plans, events can easily be moved indoors to our spacious banquet hall where the wedding ceremony can take place and guests can be seated. The banquet hall can be beautifully decorated with a ceremonial arch and draping, and comfortably accommodate up to 250 guests with the dance floor. The banquet hall includes wall-to-wall windows overlooking the garden and ponds.  Plan B can work without a glitch!

You may bring in alcohol to provide for your guests but we do not allow guests to bring in alcohol. Winding Brooks does not provide alcohol.  A TABC certified bartender(s) is required through an insured bartending service, and Winding Brooks has bartending services available.  Security is required for every 100 people and we have several preferred Security services as well.

Yes.  For those guests in a wheelchair, they may drive up to the front door to enter the banquet hall via a flat ramp at the event site. A wheelchair accessible restroom is also available.  We also have an attendant who offers cart rides to and from the parking area to the event site for those unable to get around well, or to anyone who would like to ride to the banquet hall from the parking lot.

Yes, smoking is allowed in designated areas outside of the buildings.  Cigarette butts can be conveniently placed in outside sand containers provided by Winding Brooks.  We do not allow smoking inside the buildings.

You are ultimately responsible for your guests, children and adults alike.  Please no unattended children though.  All children must be in the presence of their parent or guardian at all times while outdoors. Parent/guardian may bring in games/toys for their children.

We have plenty of electrical outlets throughout the interior of the buildings, and outside the buildings. There is an outlet for speakers/microphone during the ceremony at the pergola.

We do not have an on-site chef, but we do have a list of preferred caterers from which you can choose that provide a host of different food selections to suit even the most discerning palates! If you desire a professional caterer that is not on our preferred list, they will need to provide Winding Brooks proof of their liability insurance (COI-Certificate of Liability) prior to your event.

The breakdown time is part of your 14 hours and generally takes the last hour (plus) of your event depending on how many items you have brought in. You will need to remove your belongings, decorations, and any items vendors may have brought in. Tables and chairs would need to be placed on our rolling carts, but you do have the option to choose our setting up/breaking-down tables and chairs at an additional charge. No sweeping or mopping is necessary.