When can I come see the venue?

Tours are available any day of the week until near dark (summer hours are longer than winter).  Saturday/Sunday tours are available as well, provided there is no wedding scheduled.  Please contact us to arrange a time at (972) 875-1881.  We are more than happy to have brides/grooms and their families come out to see Winding Brooks!

I want to have an outdoor wedding ceremony, but what if it rains or it’s too cold?

If Mother Nature does not cooperate with outdoor garden plans, events can easily be moved indoors to the spacious banquet hall where the wedding ceremony and reception can be held.  The banquet hall can be beautifully decorated and comfortably accommodate up to 250 guests with a dance floor. The banquet hall includes a nice prep kitchen with a beverage serving bar. A large room is connected to the banquet hall for food set-up and service. There are wall-to-wall windows overlooking the garden and ponds. Plan B can work without a glitch!

Can alcohol be brought in, or do you provide it?

The bride and groom may bring in alcohol and provide it for their guests.  T.A.B.C. certified bartender is required with security for every 100 people.  Winding Brooks does not provide alcohol.

How do I reserve a date?

When you decide that you would like to book your event at Winding Brooks, a $1000 deposit is due at the time of booking and you will need to sign a contract.

How much time are we allotted for our wedding event?

14 hours is allotted on the day of your wedding event, described as 8 hours prior to the ceremony time and 6 hours after the ceremony time. Rehearsal is included in the 14 hour timeframe on the day of the event.

My relative is unable to get around well, or is in a wheelchair, can he/she get to the ceremony site easily?

Yes.  For those guests unable to get around well, or in a wheelchair, they may drive up to the ceremony site and be let out of their car. There are ramps by the banquet hall upon entering the building.  Also available is a restroom that is wheelchair accessible.  We also have an attendant who offers cart rides from the parking area to the event site.

Can I have my reception set-up in the gardens?

Guests are certainly welcome to look around and mingle in the garden area before and after the ceremony, but we prefer table set-up to be in the banquet hall to serve food.

Is smoking allowed?

Yes, smoking is allowed in designated areas outside of the buildings on the property.  We do not allow smoking inside the buildings.

What do I need to know about children attending the event?

You are ultimately responsible for your guests, children and adults alike.  Please no unattended children.  All children must be in the presence of their parent or guardian at all times while outdoors.  We will take necessary steps to ensure the safety of your guests. Parent/guardian may bring in games/toys for their children.

Is there electricity available?

We have plenty of electrical outlets inside and outside the buildings, and also the outside pergola area.

What do I need to do for break-down?

The break-down time is part of your 14-hour event time.  We ask that you remove your decorations, food items, and fold down your tables/chairs.  We do offer our services of setting up and/or folding down tables/chairs for an extra cost.  We appreciate the facility and grounds looking as they did when you arrived.

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